Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Future Is Here, and Boy Is It Bright

Another interesting image from Shorpy. "Schneider electric store." C. Schneider's Sons in Washington, D.C., circa 1929. ("Give her an Electric Grill for Xmas.")." I like this pic because of the incredible quantity of el neato high tech (before hi tech was a descriptor) electrical goodies at the dawn of the electrical age. Check out the model trains in the display case behind the proprieter. The big boxy thing on a vertical pole behind the washer is an Eveready Sunshine Lamp. On the right side of the center display are a bunch of toasters - that toast one side at a time. On the left display counter, just above the burners on the second shelf and slightly towards our perspective is the "Armstrong Perc-O-Toaster." How efficient! Use the heating element at the bottom to toast and percolate coffee! Scalding hot liquid directly above an electric heating element - what could possibly go wrong???


The Local Malcontent said...

A bright future,

Shiny, too!

I could use a cup 0'coffee just about now, please;

Jeffro said...

Would you like some toast, sir?