Monday, January 05, 2009

You'll Be Disappointed

I've mentioned my little Jack Russell neighbor before, and how he is a jacked up bundle of nerves. Any little thing will set him to barking, often when I was under the impression I wanted to sleep. Last night was no exception. I heard him bay - as much as a tiny dog can - on the front porch, then I heard some thumps and the unmistakable sound of the old hibachi grill dog dish being shoved around.

So, when I was getting ready to leave this morning at O Dark Thirty, I found it tipped on it's side and some dog food spilled. I refilled it, and noticed something odd among the kibble. Luckily, I didn't pick it up. It was a severed mouse head lying upside down.

The thought crossed my mind that it should be on a pike, displayed to dismay further predations by the mouse community. Well, maybe a toothpick.

Avast ye scurvy mice, or the beast with the voice from hell will finish ye off!

I'll just bet y'all are disappointed that it was too dark and I was in too much of a hurry to take pictures.

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Anonymous said...

When I had a dog, she'd bring the occasional mole or bird (she'd caught in flight) to us as presents. That was lovely.