Monday, January 12, 2009

Drive a Truck and See The World

That's the Mighty Binder in the middle with a 12'x35' sail fiberglass tank

If you like a world that looks like the inside of your freezer. I should have stopped earlier, but the NWS on my radio did not say blizzard conditions were waiting for me. Guess what. I was spinning out going up hills. I originally planned on stopping in Stuart, IA, but I feel pretty lucky to have made it to Walnut, IA. The internet connection is spotty here (I've spent about twenty minutes trying to catch it working to upload these pics), and the only place to eat is a Mickey D's, but I'm just pretty tickled the Mighty Binder isn't in a ditch or sitting on an offramp with me sleeping in the driver's seat.


Mo K said...

Dang, that's scary stuff!!
I gotta say... while my little Sky Roadster is fun (three seasons out of the year) I would be terrified in conditions like that, knowing how I hydroplane in heavy rains, even.
I'm not sure if I'll be taking the BatschMObile out to ID whenever we make the move. By then, Mr. Mo will have a truck to replace the rather small Saturn VUE, and I may have one, too, or wait until we get out there to purchase another vehicle.

Anyways... glad you're safe and sound!

threecollie said...

Stay warm and safe!

Earl said...

Ah, one of those drivers that will wait upon the weather - so much better than testing for icy conditions. I remember being launched down the highway going to Denver in 1978, and the snowplows passing me, and I knowing it was all ice under me - I was such a fool in those days - we made it, thanks to the snowplows and the grace of God. And the family became three.

Anonymous said...

Be safe! The critters are at home waiting for you. :)

Bob's Blog said...

I am glad you made it. The blogosphere needs you!

Anonymous said...

I've tagged you for a meme. Yee haa!