Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Just got a new Crackberry. Of course, there was no way to move the address book from my old Motorola V710 to a RIM product (geez, what a surprise). Then, it turns out there is no way to input data on my laptop and synchronize to the phone (unless you have Outlook, which I do not), so I've had to spend most of my afternoon inputting data with my thumbs. My old Kyocera smartphone would allow that - but it had a Palm OS.

And why am I sitting at home? Snow, that's why - too much for us "special" haulers. Perhaps special=short bus. Ahh, well, I'll be busy enough tomorrow.


Mo K said...

Gratz on the Crackberry.
Mr. Mo is addicted to his iPhone. When my Verizon cellphone dies out, I may switch over.

I miss my Palm Pilot. Well, not so much these days... it's not like I have a lot of appointments to synch up (and even so, my former employer didn't support the software the past few years, so I feel your pain with manual entry).
Just as long as I don't mar the Palin calendar by writing on it!

Jeffro said...

I'm pretty much in Alltel country. I gather that Treos don't have very good reception, so it was either a Motorola or a Crackberry. I liked the trackball better than the Motorola - basically the same setup on my old phone. The Motorola had Windows, so that was a tough call - I likes my compatibility. I liked the Palm setup on the ancient Kyocera, and I've got an elderly PDA with Windows CE - liked it too.

This puppy came preloaded with Google Talk and Facebook, so that kinda sealed the deal.