Sunday, January 04, 2009

This Guy Can Drive

direct link to website

I couldn't afford the tires to do this, but it sure looks like fun!

Edit: Ok, I see this player is oversized for the space provided. Someday I'm gonna read up on how to widen the width of the postings - the stuff on this page only takes up half of the real estate available.

Okay, edit number two - that was simple enough. Let me know if ya don't like the wider look.


Anonymous said...

Loved it, but you couldn't pay me to be the guy on the scooter.

CGHill said...

Holy flurking schnit.

On the best day I ever had I might have been one-sixteenth that good.

If I'd been really lucky.

Anonymous said...

I liked the part (just past midway) when he went around the building. So cool!