Saturday, February 09, 2008

Redecorating Idea

Fire Power Bullet Knobs and Cabinet Pull Knobs
. Were I redecorating and had the money, I'd so be all over this.


Anonymous said...

My wife wants new cabinet pulls, I wonder if she will go for these?

ptg said...

What the knobs at my place look like is 'way down on my list. I'd get a new roof if I was going to 'remodel' anything. With my current run of what you call "piss poor health", I'm not starting any long books or even buying green bananas, let alone starting any big projects.

Speaking of PPH, are you satisfactorily on the mend, Jeffro? What a winter it has been.

Sezme said...


Jeffro said...

ptg - I've got another month at least before I will go back to work. It's mostly due to persistent nerve damage - my left hand and arm are incredible weak with muscle control issues. I finally will see a neurologist next Tuesday, so maybe someone can get me started rehabbing. My right arm has issues as well, just not as serious as the left.

I've been seeing one of my best friends for some treatments - he is a chiropractor. I saw my cardiologist Friday and he recommended I continue seeing my buddy. I see the cardiologist in another month - maybe I'll be cleared for work then.

Heh - The Poor Farm could damn sure use a new roof as well - but not gonna happen this year. It's all dryland here, and the whole shebang is in summer fallow. So, capitalizing on the high wheat prices is right out. Pasture rent is the only income this year - which I'm certainly used to - even when the ground is planted if ya know what I mean.