Monday, February 11, 2008

Cannon Challenge Game

This game rocks - "Take charge of your own Non-Line-Of-Site (NLOS) cannon, the revolutionary gun that represents the future of U.S. Field Artillery. Use the simulated elevation and velocity controls to destroy enemy targets with indirect fire."

You get fifteen shots for each stage. Any leftover rounds are bonus points, when you use up your fifteen, the game is over. The screenshot shows the results of my very first game. I should keep notes so followup shots in the same range would be easier than continually ranging fire. It is pretty cool - give it a try!


Sezme said...

I scored a lowly 3500 points. It was fun trying to figure the geometry of it. Guess that's the right term (might not be). Every time I hit a target I got really giddy.

I think my mom is beginning to worry about me. Heh.

Bob's Blog said...

I played this with two of my sons, and we had a blast. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Try laying a piece of graph paper over the screen with the cannon at 0,0 and plot your targets. Round 15 186500. Bob Fitz