Friday, February 15, 2008

Northern Illinois University Massacre

It is a national tragedy. But, as long as people in schools cannot defend themselves, we can expect more to occur. "Guns are too easy to get. If we make it harder, then this will stop." Illinois requires a FOID card to purchase any firearm or ammunition. Major portions of the states have banned guns outright. Get back to me on how well that is working.

We disarm students and instructors, so naturally, criminals find them alluring as prey. The day we change our backward, idiotic, hysterical laws to allow people on school campuses to arm themselves, campus gun crime will plummet. Criminals don't shoot up gun shows, gun shops, police stations, or military bases. That's because those places are where you are most likely to encounter armed resistance. Criminals shoot up schools because they are one hundred percent certain they won't be stopped until they've had their fun.

And after comparing our gun free solutions to the Israeli approach:

The Israeli children are alive. A whole bunch of ours are dead. We ban guns on campuses. The Israelis do not. Our bans cause massacres. That's all there is to it.

Go and read the rest. Steve H. knocks another one out of the park.


Bob's Blog said...

Of course he is right. I posted on this subject today, also.

ptg said...

Not that its generally a good idea to break rules or even laws, but I don't feel bad about going armed where someone else thinks I shouldn't. I'd rather get jammed up for carrying a weapon in a "zone" than have to stand by and watch while some nut kills the innocent (and maybe even me).