Saturday, February 08, 2014

There Is Reality

And there is whatever world Mike Luckovich lives in. Guess what?!? "GOP BASE" can read, and sees what the hoary old RINO is up to. Which is why we're pissed - they just think they're putting something over on us. They are not. We are well aware of every time the RINOs in charge try to sell us out.

Amazingly enough, tea partiers actually are smarter in science literacy than non tea partiers - which includes conservatives and liberals. And amazingly enough, this even made the MSM take notice, so Mike Luckovich has no excuse for continuing this negative and unfounded stereotype.

Other than being ignorant, bigoted and intellectually lazy.


Earl said...

So I gather you don't think highly of this poor artist/cartoonist, good.
Now why are you sharing things that will make your followers feel your disgust?

What have you got to make us happy? I did note the weight loss, slow and steady works for most things.

Jeffro said...

The cartoon made me cranky. And my news isn't necessarily good - just been to busy to post about it today. Plus, it's gonna be pretty difficult.

lisa said...

Hang in there Jeffro!