Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just So You Know

Courtesy UPI

I sure wouldn't wanna have any of you miss this discussion on The View:

The topic came up during a discussion about “self-love.”
View co-host Jenny McCarthy asked Walters if she has "more self-confidence and more self-love" given her age
"Self-love?" Walters asked.
"Barbara, are you talking about that vibrator of yours again?" Whoopi Goldberg chimed in. "I can't handle it."
“How did you know? You know what it's called?" Walters replied. "A selfie."
Selfie. How nice.

I need mental floss, stat.

H/T Ace of Spades


threecollie said...

Class....or perhaps a stunning lack thereof. Sending that Italian seasoning today, so keep an eye out.

Jeffro said...


Jess said...

Babba Wawwa. Official endorser for sex toys.

Her interviews with world leaders pale in comparison.

Jeffro said...

I saw what you did there. What a great put down!

Anonymous said...

She is not a pleasant person, besides her lefty politics - but a little logic here, maybe?
She just did what any public person should learn to do - made a quick rejoinder and a way to ease out of a tight corner.
Disgust should be directed where it belongs - to the abhorring Woopi G., her fake "simple" provocation.
She is the one with dirty mind.

David said...

Mental floss - try brain bleach.

Too bad the late great Gilda Radner wasn't still around - would love to see her create a character (or resurrect and old one) lampooning these clownettes.