Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Plan

Here is what I know so far - Tuesday, I'll be getting scanned to inspect the defective heart valve. If it's serious enough, I'll have to go somewhere else and have someone new operate on it. The local cardiologist doesn't do much if any open heart surgery. But any major decisions will have to wait until the scans are read. So the plan is to keep trying to shed the water.

Whether or not I'm in physical shape enough to have the procedure done or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, they have started up using another diuretic. If the weird scales are reading correctly, I have lost two pounds. I have a brand spanking new bariatric bed and a bariatric recliner will be here tomorrow. I hadn't been sleeping well in the regular hospital bed, and my nurse noticed, and told my doctor so all this stuff could be ordered.

I'm not wild about open heart surgery. However, if the choice is operate or die I suspect I know the decision on my part.

And all I know for certain is that I will be here for a while yet.


threecollie said...

Hope the tests give you good options for a complete recovery. Meanwhile, take care.

Anonymous said...

Of course you'll be here, for a long while. Don't even think of desertion.

Thank you for the update. Have a restful night.

jed said...

You hang in there, Jeffro.

Nuckle Kim said... maybe this is the start of your full recovery. Keep your faith and your sense of humor. Us that live in Denver probably feel worse than you do today. It's one thing to lose, but another to get your nose rubbed in it! Stay the course've inherited some good genes...and they'll help you pull through.

Earl said...

Stick around, I just got done with my medical treatment for being less than the Designer intended, been praying the doctors have the answer - they did seem to have the skills.

Been praying for the best, hope He sends it your way.