Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not Quite What I Expected

I hadn't seen Bob in over a week. So, I texted Road Pig to see what was up. He informed me that Bob was there for the morning feeding, just like all the other mornings. So, he was ok. (In fact, later on last night, I did finally see him, plus this morning, and then this afternoon)

But that was not all. The past month has been pretty stressful for the family because they put his wife's mother in a rest home. Seems Mom had a cat who was originally her Dad's cat, but after he passed her mother took care of her. Now Kitsey needed a new home. Would I be interested? Poor kitty needed someone; she is so alone now, really tugging on the ol' heartstrings.

Well, not really. Still kinda shaky on the whole Rooster thing.

The next tack was to disparage me. "Turn key deal. Current shots, dishes, litter box AND litter, bag of food. Just meet her, ya big chicken."

Well, I knew once I said I would, I'd be coming home with a cat. So I said yes. Barring getting my face clawed off.

That did not happen. We moved her in, and she immediately hid in a corner. After I took Mrs. Road Pig back home and came back, she was still in the corner. I had to eat supper, and after that was done, I picked her up and put her in my lap. I did get growled at a tad, but she settled down.

Barely tolerating me
I finally had to get up, so I put her down and took care of bidness. I figured she'd hide behind the love seat, but she got clever. I don't know where she's stashed herself this time.

Things haven't quite gone her way for some time, and this even upset the apple cart even more. So, I'm for leaving her alone tonight and letting her become acclimated to the new digs.

So, we shall see. I think she'll be ok - just needs some time.


drjim said...

I know the feeling.

We got two "new" dogs last week, and they're still not quite "at home" yet.

Got them from a rescue place, and the guy we dealt with is really cool. He's another Boeing guy, knew all about the place I work at, has a 1973 Camaro with a small block and Tremec 6-speed, and a 1964 Impala SS that's all tricked out.

threecollie said...

All will be well.....a girl has to get her priorities straight, but she will settle and be your friend.

lisa said...

She is a pretty thing, she will realize who feeds her and keeps her happy and then she will settle right down, once things get back to normalcy for her. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!

Anonymous said...

apart from all the confusion of relations (who's whose mother, etc), I can see you like you like your new companion
and she IS a pretty woman, with her tricolor coat and black face

her reluctance to accept you right away does her honor; I would expect it from a dog, not a cat.

here's wishing you become friends

jed said...

Well, good for you. Good for the cat, I suppose too.

I've heard of other cats doing that. She'll figure it out and calm down.

Friend of mine had the same sort of deal happen, except he was remodeling a downstairs bathroom at the time, and they hid in the crawl space, since he hadn't finished the ceiling yet.

Old NFO said...

Good luck with the cat. hopefully it will settle in.

Anonymous said...

Jeffro, I'm sure she'll be a lot better than OK after just a few days of you spoiling on her. Congrats.