Sunday, July 21, 2013

How Do You Get Through Your Day?

Richie Parker is a chassis and body component designer (read: engineer) for Hendrick Motorsports, currently the most successful team in NASCAR now and for all time.

You might notice during the clip that he was hired as an intern for ten months, and he has been employed with them for eight years now. While I'm sure the HR and publicity departments at Hendrick and at NASCAR look at Richie as a double bonus (black and severely handicapped), I can also assure you that he would not be there if he wasn't good.* Plus, he's been there eight years, and we're just now hearing about him?

I am just as guilty for whining about my health situation and the complications as anyone else out there. I am unable to do many of the things that were stupid easy many moons ago.

However, I have all the limbs and digits that God saw fit to equip most of us at birth. Kinda puts it all in perspective, no?

*unlike our Affirmative Action President.


Anonymous said...

He makes me ashamed - if he could learn how to drive, ride a bicycle and design in 3D, I should be doing these things decades ago!

What an amazing guy.

Anonymous said...

hey, Jeff, have you read Scott's blog The Fat Guy?
[I thought of him by association: another amazing guy; he has been battling with cancer.] I think you'd like his style of writing. And talking about NASCAR - here's what he wrote recently about America's Cap:

I only got ‘into’ yacht racing after spending a month in Saginaw, MI, and working with a sailing man, who explained everything that was going on. Fascinating technically detailed stuff. And the new boats are as sophisticated and densely complicated as a Formula One race car. And gorgeous. And frightening. And likely to never be raced again, if I’m reading the commentary correctly.

Jeffro said...

I've run across him before, but never was a dedicated reader. But, I put him in my Feedly reader to check him out! Thanks!

Dad Bones said...

Wow Jeffro. Can't thank you enough for this one.