Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Dunno....

Kitsey seems pretty resolute in her shunning of moi. Actually, Thursday morning at five am as I was headed out the door for work she did appear, and meowed at me wanting attention. At least I thought she did.

Sorry, but your timing sucks.

I skritched her head and headed out. She'd already had a couple days to do that, and I had to get to work to help keep her in Kitsey food.

So, the past couple days, I've seen her several times. She'll come out from hiding and roam around a little, but basically ignores me if I call her. In fact, if I do call her, she generally shows some heel and disappears again. She's hiding under a bed in a bedroom, and will not come out if I'm right there.

Just a little while ago I caught her at her food dish, so I approached her. I got hissed at.

Well, all this is kinda starting to piss me off, so I spoke rather firmly in a loud, fairly angry voice at her about how all this crap was not right - I had given her a home, I was feeding her favorite food, and I was more than willing to give her attention. If she wanted to be a bitch, just go back and hide.

I'm sure it was all "blah blah blah" to her, but she knew I wasn't happy, and she talked back to me some on her way back under the bed.

I was still wandering around a bit, and she slipped out and went back to her food dish. So, I spoke to her again in a firm voice so she wasn't surprised, and asked her if she was going to let me pet her. She did, and without hissing. Her back even rose involuntarily I'm sure.

Dunno if this is progress or not. It looks like I'm gonna really have to earn her respect, and I think I just made a big step in that direction letting her know who was the boss 'round here.


Jess said...

You might want to check you pillow before you go to sleep. Cats are notorious for "paybacks".

Jeffro said...

No doubt!!!

Moms Musings said...

You may think you're boss, but she knows better. Look how hard you're working to get her attention. Glad to see though that you're making progress.

Anonymous said...

...not just pillow, but your sneakers, too

nah, I'll stick to dogs, thank you

Jeffro said...

Maybe y'all will notice in my statement about being in charge that I said was the boss. I strongly expect that is the case, even though at the time I wrote that, I meant that I am da boss. Heh.

Tatyana, maybe you'll like this graphic's thinking better!

Anonymous said...

I do! exactly my reasoning.
that, and the cat piss-free sneakers.