Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Another anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the failed attempt on the White House is passing, just in case you haven't noticed.

The press seems willing to wallow in the sadness and the memories, but doing it ever so politically correct by not actually saying much about the actual terrorists, or showing the pictures of people falling to their deaths. No, we mourn to the sanitized version.

Still no memorial. I'd rather not have one if it has to include a certain religion's symbolism, thank you very much. I'm glad y'all wanna participate, but I'd have sure felt better had I not seen how y'all acted and the things you pointedly avoided at the time. Actions do speak louder than words, or symbolism in a memorial.

And for being such an empire building oppressive immoral regime, we sure haven't done much in the way of salting the earth, and making widows and orphans rend their garments after we have fulfilled our revenge. So much for world domination. We don't haz it.

But, I can remember. That I do, for sure.


Jena said...

Well said. Years ago I did a search on the falling victims and saved what pics I could. Now you can't find even half of those. Those are the memories that are most vivid when I watched it live and surfed the net for more info than the news was showing.

Jess said...

The world is teasing a giant.

While the current administration is failing, and too much of the media is part of this failure, the United States is filled with the descendants of those that shook off the control of their oppressors and vowed to be part of a society that rewards those that are willing to try and condemns those that abuse their power.

Millions still seethe with anger and revenge will be a dish served cold. The pendulum is swinging the other way and the changes won't be gentle.

lisa said...

Well said, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these words, Jeff. Thank you especially as I share these feelings -and after I talked to a couple from Europe who came for a day to NY and asked me to show them downtown. The first place I went to was Ground Zero; they took few pictures next to be-relief, I pointed out where my son's school is and started to - briefly, very briefly, you understand, it's not so easy for me to talk about these things -but I wanted them to understand - and then the wife said:" oh, I don't want to hear more about these unpleasant things - let's go see some beautiful skyscrapers instead". Of course, I shut up...boiling inside.

Anonymous said...

[it should be "bas-relief", apologies for typos]