Saturday, September 08, 2012

46th Anniversary

Today is the forty sixth anniversary of the debut of Star Trek on television. Geeks everywhere were forever altered. The very first show was The Man Trap, which you may recall was about the salt monster that killed humans for a little NaCl to survive.

Oops. Wrong monster. Amazing resemblance though, no????

Pretty cheesy by today's film standards. The show was definitely hobbled by a cut rate budget and an unwilling NBC, who, as every fan knows, cancelled the show after three seasons. Fans didn't let it die, and Paramount makes a pretty penny from the franchise these days.

Even if the original series looks pretty dated, it's still my favorite - and the movies the cast made are as well. The chemistry between the characters just seemed to cut it better than the other iterations. I always thought Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Voyager were the weakest, perhaps because they were the last series and the well was dry. No matter, I even enjoyed the new movie and can't wait for the sequel. Once a Trekker, always a Trekker, I guess....


drjim said...

Google had a very good tribute Friday on their stat page.

jed said...

As if I weren't already feeling on the old side of the hill, you have to mention 46? Geez, 46. I watched that as a kid, along with the original Batman, etc.

Just pass the Serutan and keep quiet, okay?

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

My fav, too. Didn't realize it was the first. I remember it well, as it haunted a few does Mrs. Obammy.