Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Not Only No

But hell no! From an email:


Over the past several weeks, representatives from a growing and influential group have been crossing YOUR NATION by bus, telling our story to anyone and everyone who will listen.
We’ve had crowds! And we’ve had the media!
Who are we?
Well, YOU probably call us something negative and nasty, like “illegal aliens”, but we much prefer “undocumented worker”.
And now, thanks to President Obama’s amnesty plans for us, we’d much rather you called us “undocumented voters”!
Because that’s exactly what we’re going to be very, very soon.
Sooner than you think, we promise you.
The media calls our bus the “Undocu-bus”…
...isn’t that cute? Almost warm and cuddly? That’s exactly what we want.
You conservatives, well, let us put it this way: all that “law and order” you keep preaching? We just don’t have time for that any longer.
We’ve got a mission and a timetable to keep, and your silly laws like SB-1070 and your “employer sanctions” laws to keep businesses from hiring us just aren’t part of our plan.
Now, who are we really? Our bus is full of day laborers and students, but also immigration activists. In other words, professionals. And we know how to get things done.
Every stop we make across “your country”, we stage rallies and lead chants of “no papers, no fear”, because we aren’t going to let you hold us back any longer.
Yes, America, you DO have jobs we want, and we will work at them for less that you are willing to accept. And yes, we will send that money back home, out of your country, out of your precious economy.
But this isn’t open for debate…
…this is all bought and paid for with our votes!
We began our tour in Arizona to show you just how unafraid we really are. You don’t scare us anymore.
You may have Sheriff Joe, but we have El Presidente, Barack Obama!
And from Arizona we have already driven through New Mexico and Colorado, and through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. And we aren’t going to stop!
Is there a fear of being arrested because we are undocumented? A little.
But your jails and your government already lets out violent criminal immigrants, so the risk to us is very, very low.
So what can you do, really? I mean, if we are going to vote, are you?
There’s always the possibility that you might vote in higher numbers than we do… but given the history of recent elections?
And there’s always the possibility that you might get involved with a group like Ban Amnesty Now and their new PAC. Yes, there we see a real threat…
because if B.A.N.-PAC elects enough of you conservatives to Congress to undo Presidente Obama’s amnesty for us, then we will have real problems.
And if B.A.N.-PAC elects enough of you conservatives to Congress to secure the border, so the next time I get deported I can’t just walk back across? Another problem again.
But are you so determined to stop me from taking your jobs and stealing your elections that you would give to B.A.N.-PAC and join thousands of other conservatives across your nation to stop illegal immigration and amnesty for undocumented voters like me?
I’m counting on you not to.
Barack Obama is counting on you to sit back and take it.
After all, it’s his country, not yours.
Remember, my friend, no paper-no fear!

America’s undocumented voters

P.S. You can CLICK HERE to join B.A.N.-PAC and stop us… or you can watch us claim another victory. Be sure to come see us when our bus rolls through your town!

I removed the link from "CLICK HERE," just so you know.

This is really a request for money for a PAC that opposes the pro amnesty PAC that they purport to represent. In other words, it's scare tactics. Are you scared? Are ya pissed? Or are you mad that they tried to dupe us?

The latter is what has me foaming at the mouth. What a lowdown sleazy campaign. I'm certainly not in favor of a PAC that supports illegal immigrants and expects the government to provide special treatment - if they are in such favor of using our system to fight us and stay here, why don't they join and make it legal?

Well, considering how restrictive our immigration policy really is, that is very expensive and difficult. And I am in total support of any reforms in that area - I'd like to see immigration made easier for global residents, not just Democrat leaning illegal aliens from south of the border. I've seen too many instances of people I know incidentally online that have been unable or found it almost impossible to emigrate here after years of trying, and going broke in the process. Why should someone with Hispanic heritage automatically have precedence over a European, Asian, or African immigrant, other than they tend to vote conservatively.

As part of my job, I deal with a lot of roughnecks. A very large portion of those guys are illegal aliens. The biggest portion of those I have met would make good citizens, and some are exemplary workers. The supposed "lazy Mexican" is not true out in the oilpatch. They're all contract workers, and avoid the proof of citizenship requirements that I had to provide to my employer.

I'd hate to see them all sent back, but it strikes me that this is like your alcoholic buddy that beats his wife - you like him when he's sober, but when he breaks the law, he deserves what he gets. Well, these people are breaking the law. A law that needs to be changed, for sure, but it's still the law.

Several years ago I ran into a smartass on a site. For some reason I said something about how I didn't know any Spanish. This guy told me that in a few years, I would have to, because they were taking over. Mkay. I told him good luck with that and let it be, and that pushed the same buttons that the email above stomped on.  So, yeah, that just might be effective, but it sure is slimy. I'm sick of all the slime in this election already, and it's getting worse.

I can do something about this outfit - I can refuse to give 'em any money. And I refused to link to their homepage - not too difficult to figure out if you really enjoy this sort of thing. Not for this fat boy, though.

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lisa said...

I agree with you! I have been told so many times that I should learn spanish, but guess what, I have no interest to learn. I don't think someone that is here illegally should should be allowed to stay. You don't step in my country and take my job unless you are legal.