Monday, August 13, 2012

Dent In The Day

Yep, that will do it.

I heard a muted pop and figured I had a blowout. I had my compadre run beside me on both sides and look things over (we were on I70, so we could do that), but he couldn't see this because while this was an outside dual drive tire, that was inside. So, off we went until we parked for a while at a truck stop before going on. That's when my compadre found the thing while I was inside.  The thing even held air, and even had quite a bit when it was broken down. Ended up having to buy some sort of reconditioned and regrooved tire. Woo hoo. A rim protector and placeholder, In My Humble Opinion. Yes ossifer, that's a tahr raht thar.

This didn't come off "my" truck, either - mine doesn't have recaps. It also doesn't have an A/C compressor, and has been sitting until one ships in. I hope when I get back tomorrow I can move back in to my ride. I hate jumping from truck to truck - invariably I forget to get something I need from my truck and bring it - but I don't need to unload all my crap and move it over. That would take some time, for sure.


bigscottk said...

Been there/done that!

Paintsmh said...

My fiance has been battling blown tires on trailers and trucks with the company he works for. Five trucks in 2 days two weeks ago. I thought he was going to explode. Best of luck Jeffro!