Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Oh, Man....

Yesterday morning - as in O Dark Thirty (5 AM), I left for work and figured on dropping by the ol' PO to check on my "new" box - I hadn't been there since Thursday. So, I drive up, hop out laboriously forced the creaking bod out of the personal transportation device, and hobbled up to the steps.

Where there was the cutest medium sized gray kitten just sitting there on the top step. Well, I am a sucker, so I petted the little devil. I was really surprised that it wasn't afraid of me and did not run away - that's been my experience with "city" cats. They've had too many people mess with 'em and don't trust many people.

But not this little turd. Friendly as hell. Clearly this was someone's pet, but it was looking a little thin. And after all, why would someone's kitten be out and about at five freaking AM?

"I'm sorry, boss, but I'm gonna be about a half day late to work. Yeah, I found this destitute kitten, and I've gotta get some food, water dishes, and a kitty litter box for it. Yeah, I know the customer has a crane scheduled for my approximate arrival time. Okay, thanks, be in as soon as I can."

Yeah, that's gonna work.

I'm not sure I even want another cat right away, and I run into the poster child for a friendly, needy kitten. Crying as I left.



Anonymous said...

oh so sorry. 't was not at a good time...but when is a good time and how often it clicks perfectly?

Jess said...

I went through that before with a dog. I went back, it was still there and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

I started the year out with 5 cats. I'm now down to two. I feel like my heart is worn out and I said "no more", I can't take it.

So what do I see running down the road as I'm leaving? A 3 month old black and white kitten, heading where there are no houses like he was saying "I don't know where I'm going but I'm not gonna be late".

He's in the barn now. Know anyone that wants a cutie pie kitten?

Earl said...

Your life is not about being ready for it, those things that touch you are mostly unexpected but you touch back... I would have grabbed the kitten and helped it for the time needed. You did lose a cat, you could have left a note about your taking it for a reward. or to be returned after food, water, milk and affection.

Jeffro said...

All this sounds good - "take the cat, you can't go wrong, etc."

The point is I can't be late for work.

I had a load sitting in the yard that had to go out, because it was on a schedule that other people were expecting me to meet. When we have a crane scheduled to unload us somewhere, the customer pays. Customers are not happy when they have to pay a crane for sitting there waiting on me or anyone else. Plus, our permits are dated - after a day or two, we have to buy more.

Mondays in particular are NOT a day to call in sick or be late.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Then check tomorrow!

easy, peasy.

Anonymous said...

That was just a reminder that you got a heart and a soul... a real big heart, my friend....