Saturday, August 04, 2012

I Tell Ya Whut

These puppies are good!

Yannow how "store bought" tomatoes all taste like acidic cardboard? These? Not so much. NatureSweet sells three varieties - Cherry, Sunbursts and the above pictured Cherubs. The Cherry tomatoes are tangy, but the flavor isn't as sharp as the Cherubs - my favorite. The Sunbursts are sweeter and milder.

They also ain't cheap - the El Marto Del Wal and the local Kroger owned outlet Dillons both sell these things for $3.78, and my local store here just started carrying them for $4.00 even. However, after I got hooked on these and the store I was at was out a couple times, I have tried some of the competition. Green Giant and Del Monte do NOT hold a candle to these - they are the epitome of bleh. Even the generic "Organic" stuff is disappointing. So, ya gets whats ya pays fer.

I generally buy four packages, and as a rule, only three make it home.


threecollie said...

Now you got me wantin' some maters.

Anonymous said...

Ha!. We have Jersey tomatoes here: a real thing. It smells and it tastes.

Kathy B. said...

Well we may not share political views - but our taste buds have found common ground;) - I love these and so does everyone else in Omaha as they are always out at my Hy-Vee!