Thursday, December 01, 2011


Clearly I live in a mentally unbalanced area.

H/T Ace


Anonymous said...

Apparently, "readers of all ages" means women up to approx. 40yo. Since I live in "a coastal area" and am over 45, they pretty accurately categorized me as non-existent where Twilight is concerned.

Maybe we, the vampirephobes, like different porn settings...or maybe (perish the thought!) prefer real life to silly primitive fandoms?!

Jeffro said...

I dunno - there sure seems to be a lot of older women who are into "Twilight" as well.

Of course, men of all ages like pr0n, so there ya go.

Anonymous said...

Women over 45? Not according to this graph (in the original article)
I have no data to object to your last sentence - but suspect it is similarly (or hopefully?) slightly exaggerated.

Jess said...

A friend considers the Twilight series as Vampire 90201. It fits.