Monday, December 19, 2011

Stupid Tax

I will be paying it.

On the way home last week, the Mighty Binder started flashing the "check engine" light. Everything still ran fine - the software didn't derate the motor, but it could happen at any time. Derating is when the 'puter decides that in the interest of preserving the motor from severe damage, power is reduced considerably. One can limp for a few miles to a shop, then it's all over and time to get fixed.

I pulled up the code (you can do that in trucks, as opposed to the OBDII for cars requiring a reader) and called it in to my supervisor. Navistar claimed it was a Caterpillar code, and the CAT boys claimed it had to be an IHC code. I Googled it, and it looks like the CAT boys win - it has to do with a sender that measures barometric pressure, or the circuit it is in.

So, this morning, it was off to the closest International shop - in Dodge City. I, however, was in an extra truck. It's another 9900i almost identical to mine, but it's black, and the paint has literally fried on it. IHC really picked up some lousy black paint that year. The paint on my hot rod looks new.

Anyways, my load wasn't ready this morning and I had to wait. The original plan was to make it to Belle Fourche, SD on our way to the Bakken in ND. It was windy as hell and a hard pull, and I had to stop for fuel in Valentine because the mileage was so bad. But, the wind slacked off, and I'd been discovering that this truck didn't run like a slug - it really got down to bidness. It felt way more lively, seemed to accelerate faster, and it showed another ten to twelve pounds on the boost gauge. So, it pulled pretty good, and I was trying to take advantage and make up time.

All of which I lost when I met the South Dakota State Trooper north of Mission, SD. Seventy seven in a sixty five zone. I got written up for ten over rather than twelve, which will help things considerably, but it's still a $105 fine - and I'm not sure if that includes court costs yet.

Didn't even come close to making Belle Fourche, either.



Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Man, you and the coppers have to stop meeting like that.

Um, what's barometric pressure gots to do with it anyway?

Jinglebob said...

Dang! Them Rez cops, even the ones working for the state, are hardcore! So where did you end up staying?

Jeffro said...

Proper fuel/air ratio mix for less pollution and supposedly more power. A mechanical motor can't self adjust in higher altitudes, but them new-fangled 'puter motors can.

Jeffro said...

Kadoka, at the America's Best Value. Didn't realize the cafe was open only in the summer.

drjim said...


Anonymous said...

reads like dispatches from a war zone.

so, are they going to fix your carriage? or that's not a bug but a feature?

Jeffro said...

Yeah, they're fixin' my chariot. But since we have some extra chariots lazing in the sun, and no surplus chariot operators, the obvious solution for them is to have me run a different conveyance to deliver a load while mine is getting repaired.

Anonymous said...

Chariot! so much better and closer to epic divine powers emanating from the thing.

Jeffro said...

The Bringer of Paychecks.