Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tubby Truckin' Weatherman Reporting In

that the past two nights I have witnessed actual rain at home. I didn't have to travel to see it. It was accompanied by a couple of big blows and lots of lighting and thunder. Unfortunately, the rain was more of a steady sprinkle. I don't have a rain gauge (got a brand new one in the house I've been meaning to put out, but never have), but we'd be hard pressed to claim a half inch total for the two nights, I'm betting.

The last rain amounted to about ten or fifteen hundredths about a month ago, so even though this won't even keep the dirt down for more than a day, it's still welcome. We're only about a foot or so behind on rain for a year long period here.

I'm sure glad I'm just one of those rich landlords glomming off those .gov payments and not having to actually work at farming. Why, just the other day, the feds sent me a check for $144! That stimulated the economy, I'm here to tell ya. That kind of real money keeps me in the lifestyle to which I'd prefer to become accustomed to living. Kinda keep that quiet, willya? I'd sure hate to see some inner city welfare mom with internet access, two or more tvs, cell phone, 'puter and other amenities all funded by Uncle Sam become jealous with all the bling I can get with payments like that. Yep, us farmers and landowners have got it made.

All $hitting around out of the way here - I'm extremely tickled that I have absolutely no money of any kind in the cattle business right now......


CGHill said...

If you're keeping score - and why should you? - OKC is about nine inches behind for the year. Out west, of course, it's Much, Much Drier.

Jinglebob said...

Glad you got at least a little rain. Been trying to send you some all summer, but it is dry enough around here now, I may just keep the rest! ;-)

Why so gloomy on the cattle deal? I think these prices are nice, compared to what they were not long ago, but to keep it in perspective, in 1980 we sold old butcher cows in November (one of the cheapest times to sell them traditionally) and got 52 cents a pound. Now I see the better ones are bringing 72 cents. Hmmm, a raise of 20 cents and it only took 31 years to get there!

When calves bring per pound what a gallon of fuel does, then it will be close to right.

Jeffro said...

Can't afford to feed 'em - pasture used up and if even if you did have a bunch of hay on hand that got fed some time ago.

"My" farmer had his cattle on donated CRP ground for a while - when the program was in effect. They shut it down for some bird nesting season or another. Didn't want cattle stepping on nests, I guess, and making them extinct forever or something equally bad. My thought when I heard that was to wonder how the hell they survived the buffalo?

Anonymous said...

Oh so unfair:
it's 64F here now and getting ready to rain. My weather icon shows mean-looking cloud with water streaming out of it and the maximum temp of 72.

Why can't we just Re-Distribute it equally?!?