Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rest Easy, Jeffy

Fret not, Jeffy. Life is profligate - there are many living beings cranked out that just won't survive, because their fate is not to be anything other than protein in the food chain. Your inability to understand the world and thus your mindless natterings about things beyond your ken will soon come to an end.

Yes, life is cruel, but you, Jeffy, have provided another creature far more value as food than you would ever add to human society with your inability to process complex thoughts. Au revoir, Jeffy, and reflect well on the fact that Mommy will be free of rolling your pants cuffs every day while she tied your shoelaces! Maybe now a newly liberated Mommy will have the time to cure the common cold or find an alternate energy source to save the world. It's all good.


drjim said...

While many people would look at that first cartoon and say "Oh, how cute!", I look at it and think....gee, that stupid kid can't READ?
I always had my nose in a book when I was in grade school. Granted, I didn't have any kids my own age to play with in my neighborhood, but reading always interested me. It was a way to learn neat stuff, and a way to escape the somewhat boring neighborhood I lived in.

Jeffro said...

You may have noticed that Family Circus drives me to distraction. You nailed it - so much of what passes for cute humor is just plain irritating and willful ignorance.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I don't think I've ever given Family Circus much thought. I mean, I read it every day, but only because it's on the comics page and I read all the comics on the comics page. Occasionally some comic will strike me just right and I will notice it, but I don't think Family Circus has ever done that. My eldest son despises Family Circus. I have no idea why.