Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At the Breakfast Bar This Morning

Most motel breakfast bars have a television. Most are tuned to a news channel. This morning, Fox News was on the boob tube, and one of the stories was about the manslaughter trial for Michael Jackson's physician Dr. Conrad Murry. One of the attendants (the bar at this Comfort Inn is pretty big and has two people there) and a guest were discussing about how tired and disgusted they were with all the media coverage, plus Jackson is dead and just let it go - enough already.

Which, of course, I am in total agreement.

But the gal made a statement that chilled me - I had never considered this possibility.
"Just wait. Michael Jackson is going to end up on a stamp."
God help us all, but I think shes right.


lisa said...

God help us all is about right!!!

CGHill said...

So long as I don't have to lick it.

Jeffro said...

Good point. Hadn't thought of that, either.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

@ CGHill -> ewwwwwww.

But I wouldn't be surprised.

Earl said...

The Thriller face? or teenage nose?

Jeffro said...

Probably one where his nose fell off, Earl!