Wednesday, December 08, 2010


threecollie (or Marianne Friers) rather reluctantly posted a picture of herself the other day. I can understand that - my mother hated to have her picture taken. I hate it now, because there aren't many pictures of her. Oh, well.

I thought I'd post a couple of less than flattering pics of moi in solidarity with 3C - just for grins.

I've got a huge melon of a head - we're looking at 7 7/8ths for a hat size - as a rule. The ol' forehead has gotten longer over the years - the hairline has traveled up the forehead to the top of the ol' skull.

However, in my younger days I was assured by a couple hairdresser friends that I'd never go bald. Heh. Guess they were wrong! Mostly it's a pain if I don't wear a cap outdoors - my poor scalp gets toasted. I can assure you that never happened when I looked like this:


That would be 1983 or so. Yep, I wuz partying dude back then! I've always had a baby face and people have underestimated how old I am for years until the hair that isn't migrating started to go gray.

I've never minded how I look. I've always thought I had sort of generic looks - people are continually thinking I'm a brother of someone they know. A big brother, that is!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

7-7/8ths?!? Are you cereal? Big dome. Big dome foah-shoah.

The balding thing, well, jest fahgetahboutit. Getting older=getting wiser.

Now, back in 83 or so it looks like you might be hiding a doob in that forest of hair. But who am I to judge?

ps: stoned?

Jinglebob said...


Well, seeing your face, not your loss of hair. I guess I wouldn't mind losing some hair. My widow's peak gets deeper every year too, but if I am not inside, I have a hat on. And besides, I have gotten past almost all of my vanity's. :-)

threecollie said...

Thanks Jeffro, it is good to have company in these photographic endeavors. Earl has a picture of his hair too today...only guys care you know. I tell my husband every time I cut his hair, that as the "hole" in his hair gets bigger, my least favorite job gets smaller. You look just fine

Laura said...

You have a bulbous head too! Ha!

You were clearly one badass sonsabitch with all that hair and attitude.

Jeffro said...

Snork! I had the unblinking cold eyes of a rattler, eh?

Anonymous said...

Its not just the hairline that gets higher. The skull and forehead itself expands and gets bigger. Do you agree?

In other words if you shaved your head now it would be very different in shape and size than your shaved head at 25 yrs old.