Monday, December 27, 2010


The customer walked into the bar carrying a pretty good sized box. Setting it on the counter, he summoned the bartender and ordered a drink.

Say, what do you have in that box? Do you mind showing me?

No, not at all - here - look inside.

A doll sized man, dressed in formal attire, was seated at a tiny grand piano.

Whoa! Is he for real?

Oh yeah, he takes requests. Quite good, actually.

The bartender tested the player, asking him for a variety of musical types. Jazz, classical, pop, religious - the small man played perfectly.

So, wait a minute. How in the world did you end up with him?

Well, I was walking along the beach one morning, and I saw something just poking through the sand. I dug it out, and it looked a lot like those old oil lamps?

Oh, yeah, I know what you're talking about.

Anyways, as I was brushing the sand off, a stream of smoke coming from the spout formed into a genie!

No kidding? That is just wild! Did he mention wishes and so on?

Oh, yeah. For freeing him from his eternal prison.

And this little guy is what you got?


Did you use all the wishes?


Really? Wow! Do you mind if I try? I've dreamed about this for years!

Sure - it can't hurt. It's out in my car - let me go get it.

The customer returned with a very weathered and worn old fashioned oil lamp. The bartender rubbed it, and a genie coalesced before their eyes.

Your wish is my command, master.

I want a million bucks!

Very well. Consider it done.

With that, the genie formed into smoke, and retreated into the lamp. The door to the bar opened, and in walked a duck. Followed by another duck. Followed by more ducks. Soon, the bar was filling with ducks with no end in sight.

What the hell?

Even more ducks were forcing their way into the bar.

Hey, wait a minute! I didn't wish for a million ducks! I wanted a million bucks!

To which the customer replied:

What?!?!? Do you really think I wished for a twelve inch pianist?

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