Saturday, December 11, 2010

Roll, Roll, Roll In Ze Hay

Of course, I speak of Teri Garr, who, according to IMDB, is 63 today (Wikepedia has her possibly born in '44 or '49). And the above pics are from Young Frankenstein. Teri played Inga, and cemented forever proof of her comedic talents in that role.

The geek in me requires a reminder that she was also in the original Star Trek series in the episode Assignment Earth playing Roberta Lincoln.

Things have been rough for her for some time - she admitted in 2002 that she had MS, and has become an activist in the fight for fund raising and a cure. In 2006 she suffered a brain aneurysm while taking a nap. After surgery and rehab, she appeared on Letterman under her own power. And by the way, her appearances on Letterman are always memorable - her wit and charm arm her quite well dealing with Dave. She is reportedly one of his favorite guests.

And, just because I can - here is a pic found on the intertubes of a young Teri showing off some of her finer attributes.

Happy Birthday, Teri! I've enjoyed your performances over the years, and the glimpses of your personality have convinced me you'd be a great person to know!


CGHill said...

One of the least-forgettable people of our time, if you ask me.

Jeffro said...

That's an interesting and very good way to put it!

Jinglebob said...

Always was a favorite of mine.

Laura said...

I was never fan to tell the truth. I didn't dislike her either. I hadn't seen her in years and now all I can say is getting old sucks.

Jeffro said...

Well, I suspect her popularity is higher with guys, IYKWIMAITTYD.

Unknown said...

Least forgettable? Some people. They think they're contributing but in actuality they are withdrawing pieces of soul. The fiber that is our being (according to a science instructor).