Sunday, March 21, 2010

How Does That Make Any Sense?

Liberals like Trudeau just can't get their minds wrapped around the idea of the TEA Parties. Oh, yeah, taxpayers were treated to a tax cut. Whee. Like that will last - someone has to pay for bailing out the banks and auto industry, for creating jobs at six figures per, the health care "reform," - well, I know I'm missing a bunch. Local and state governments are scrambling to increase taxes and find new sources for their budget shortfalls. This really reminds me of the famed clip of Susan Roesgen (formerly of CNN) who chastised a TEA partier for protesting even though his state was supposed to receive money from the feds. Like that wasn't their money to begin with - shut up you prole, you're getting bucks from Unca Sugar, whatsyerbeef? There is no conflict or philosophical incoherence - well, maybe there is. Say you are robbed of all your money, and the robber, out of sheer generosity, "gives" you back a small token of your former property. Well, you just shouldn't gripe, because the crook was more than generous. After all, he could have kept the whole thing. It's for your own good - they do so know better than us El Marto Del Wal mouth breathers.

And check out the portrayal of the TEA partier - dressed in a Santa suit, Founding Father's wig, Uncle Sam's top hat, maybe Zorro's mask? I don't get the significance of the pumpkin - unless it's supposed to link to the Plymouth settlers?

Nope, the question isn't what is elitist about this kind of thinking.


drjim said...

I stopped reading Doonesbury's liberal tripe years ago.
It's just not funny, and I got sick of him using the strip to push his agenda.

Jeffro said...

I read a lot of that crap just to keep track of what they're thinking.