Monday, March 15, 2010

Ass Me About My Day

The ass in question was me. I had to run some errands in Dodge, and go to Garden to get some work done on the Cornfield Cadillac. So, there I was......

I pulled into Wendy's for lunch - I'm a drive through guy. There was a small sign board with some specials on it, then starting around the bend was the biggun. I could see the speaker grille in the top center. I was ready to order. No voice welcomed me.

So, I sat for a while. I backed up, hoping to trip some sensor. I hollered "hello" a few times. It was at this time the terms lose and cool could be used together in a sentence referencing moi. So, I honked my horn. I'd about decided to pull around to the window and chew some - yes, that - when a nice woman opened a door and spoke to me.

Sir, that is just a sign board. You have to pull up to the next one to order.

It was at this exact moment I saw the little arrow pointing "around" the corner and the words "Order Ahead." I said to her - "Oh, man, what a moron" meaning, of course, yours truly. I felt all of about a yard tall.

Guess what? I pulled up past the sign board that had been ignoring me and voila! A bigger sign board with a box in front containing a speaker and a color screen listing my fondest wishes as I ordered.

Honestly, I couldn't see through the previous sign board, so the ordering setup was hidden to me. But, I can still read. Oh well.


Jerry in Texas said...

And then you are officially 50.

Jinglebob said...

As Bill Engval would say, "Good move there, Bill." or better yet "Here's your sign."

the word of the day on here is linch! :O