Saturday, March 27, 2010

All The Pretty Strawmen

I've been simmering all week seeing this story arc. Since it's Saturday, I'm assuming Trudeau is done with it - maybe not. But, he has managed to incorporate every myth, meme, strawman argument, and just plain bigoted observations I can think of that gun control advocates still cling to. But, I'm the bitter one because I cling to religion and guns rather than baseless and factually incorrect arguments. Go figure.

So, let us recap
Gun owners are compensating for small penises.
Gun owners are irresponsible when armed. Witness the unintended discharge.
Gun owners are rednecks.
Gun owners are cowboys.
Gun owners are gun slingers.
Gun owners are unable to contain their emotions while armed. Alex's comments are gonna get her shot.
Gun owners are paranoid.
Carrying a gun is socially unacceptable. Notice the moral equivalence argument comparing open carry to breast feeding, being loud and being rude.
Being armed destroys that "mellow vibe." Wow. Now that's not an emotional response at all. I've gotcher reasoned discourse right there.
Open carry, while legal, should not be condoned.
Wyatt Earp in Old Dodge City didn't allow the carrying of weapons - good enuff fer us, By Gaea.

Of course, we all know there are no actual facts to back any of this up (other than Wyatt requiring checking in at the sheriff's office) - it's all about how Trudeau "feels" about the issue. Blood is not running in the streets - there have been no "High Noon" scenes with the touchy gunslingers. Not one of those penis compensators have leapt from their holsters and gone nuts.

I really think Joe Huffman at The View From North Central Idaho has a very good moral argument going - he says this is all simple bigotry. If one substitutes the word ni**er for gun owner, one can really see how we are diminished and marginalized by the gun control crowd.

I was trying to think of any of memes Trudeau missed - I suppose it was too difficult to work in the "why do you "need" that particular gun or numbers of guns" argument. I'm sure there are others I've forgotten. But, ya gotta hand it to him, he did manage to squeeze a buttload of jingoism into six strips. Oh, excuse me, am I maligning Trudeau's sexuality by saying that? Or am I just saying it's a big steaming pile of malodorous - well, while I would have no problem saying it in person, I do kinda try to keep it clean around here. Let's just say his arguments are a bit past their expiration date. Gettin' kinda stale.

Personally, I'm getting tired of it.


Jinglebob said...

Like so many, he is afraid of having to protect himself or his family, or country!

I never have liked his work. I can't call them comics as they have never been funny, as far as I can see.

midgen- would that be a slur or slang for a bunch of small people who are wiccan? ;)

Jinglebob said...

Jeffro, I went to the blog but couldn't find the entry you talk about, Did they remove it or am I just too stupid to navigate this wild weird web?


Dad Bones said...

I suppose it didn't occur to Trudeau that the dad & daughter were the only two people in the place acting like obnoxious jerks.

Jeffro said...

Jinglebob - I didn't link to Joe Huffman's "racist" posts - I couldn't find one right off, but it is a meme he started and a lot of second amendment bloggers have appropriated.

is his homepage