Friday, May 22, 2009

Mine's Bigger

Not only bigger, but better, too. This is Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 4-103. It's a 103" plasma television - the biggest size currently available. The screen is actually made by Panasonic, whose version has far less bells and whistles for a cool price of $50k. Panasonic's version doesn't have the super cool stand - in order to "reduce it's prominence in the room and conceal all integrated applications." When the set it turned on, the pneumatic stand lifts the screen about three feet to the viewing height, with the center speaker (yeah, that speaker has to be nearly three feet tall) unfolding from hiding. The screen can be rotated twenty degrees horizontally, and four vertically. The sound system is included. The stand, by the way, is a $15k extra. If you want to hang this puppy on your wall, a site survey and the hardware and engineering is all up to you. Otherwise, after ordering (all sets are custom made to order), a suitably equipped crew shows up to set it all up for you. Since the thing weighs 1200 lbs, this is probably a good idea.

Other things to consider - this beast requires 220 volt wiring (using up to 1500 watts). There is a video at B&O's site linked above - you should watch it just to see the size disparity between it and the female model. Otherwise, with nothing else for reference, it looks just like any flat screen tv, with extra styling. The aluminum frame's colors will be customized according to individual preferences by the professional Bang & Olufsen retail organization and carefully selected specialist partners.

Oh, you say: "Jeffro, you've left out an important detail! How much does this baby cost?" If you must ask, perhaps you aren't quite the target demographic. I know I'm not! This beauty is available only directly from Bang & Olufsen (no Amazon sales for you, you plebe) for the introductory and exclusive price of $111,000.

Pic and story info NYT

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