Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeff Daniziger's Exhaustive Research

Uhhh, no, Carrie Prejean isn't keeping her Miss USA crown - mostly because she didn't win The Miss USA pageant in the first place. She gets to keep her Miss California crown, which she did win.

Yep, I know I'm setting my standards too high, but I'm for thinking if you are going to parody politics and get paid for it, maybe, just maybe, you should be somewhat knowledgeable about the subject before breaking out the art materials. If you are going to opine on a subject and try to steer the emotions involved in a direction of your choosing, perhaps a minimum of effort should be expended towards avoiding false pretenses. Yes, editorial cartoonists are supposed to distort reality, but it should have a basis in truth.

Actually, I kinda agree with some of the sentiment Danziger is aiming for - the whole issue is pretty frivolous. Miss Prejean said what she thought and was excoriated for it. But, it seems to me she has striven to adapt herself to her fifteen minutes of fame and extend it for all it's worth. I liked The Donald's response - he threw moral relativism right back at the detractors when he said Prejean's views mirrored the President's. And The Donald is far from suspect as far as exploiting publicity for his or his organization's gains.

Danziger and his editors at his syndicate blew this one badly.

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ptg said...

From reading the few remaining newspapers, one might suspect that being Miss California was something like being the Governor of California.

Wait a minute... It is almost the same thing.