Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Funnies II

Whew. I've been fighting a chest cold all week, and it's morphed into a sinus infection. TMI, I'm sure. Appointment tomorrow - git 'er done!

Reading various comics is a favorite pastime of mine. Reading editorial cartoons is as well. In My Humble Opinion, if you are going to play politics with a comic, it should at the minimum have a laugh in there somewhere. I savor preaching at church, not in the comics pages, but Tom Batiuk has the subtlety of an anvil to the head.

Whether or not you embrace the junk science surrounding the whole global warming - excuse me climate change - is not my concern here. Environmental changes aren't forced upon us here - it's just a mechanism for humor. Whether the whole issue is valid or not is not addressed - Captain Planet said it was so, and our intrepid superheros had to comply with his wishes. This is funny. Funky is not.

Lucy demonstrates why she is such a heartless beyotch in this blast from the past. I cannot help but be reminded of Acidman and what he'd have to say about her lies to Charlie Brown. I expect there would have been a line like this: "Lucy should be dragged off and shot."

Poor Charlie Brown. Look what trusting people did for him. Ol' Schulz really did provide kids with valuable life lessons.

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