Thursday, December 11, 2008

Saw This Yesterday

Some guys have pretty cool jobs. I passed this guy once, and he got by me while going through a port of entry. I needed to stop in a rest area, and lo and behold, this was parked there. That is a Willys in front, and an early seventies Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the rear. The driver told me the Willys cost $50k, and the Monte Carlo was either $17k or $18k. It was an all original big block. We both decided we'd prefer the Chevy, because the Willys was clearly designed for short people. The driver was about 5'10" or so, and he thought it was pretty tight. Those old Monte Carlos had a lot of interior room, plus a big block? Yowza! Plus, the Willys had some ripples in the bodywork. Hell of a paint job - you could dive into it, but it sure highlighted some less than perfect bodywork.

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