Saturday, December 20, 2008

Farmer Jokes

Hey, I can tell 'em, I are one (more or less).

You've all seen the ball caps farm suppliers give farmers for free. You've also probably seen how the bills are curled down at the edges. Why is this, you might ask?

So a farmer's head can poke further into their mailbox looking for their government check.

Do you know how to tell a rich farmer from a poor one? The rich farmer has Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin and other brand names on his pickup tires. The poor farmer?

He has "No Hunting" or "No Trespassing" on his tires.

Why don't farmers wear sneakers?

'Cause seed companies don't give them out like hats and pens.

And the last, and probably the worst:

Have you heard about the new operation just for farmers? Yeah, doctors sew a penis to their lower lip.

It's so they can piss and moan at the same time.

Try the veal, I'll be here till Tuesday. Bada Bump!


threecollie said...

Although some of them don't exactly apply to me personally I love them!!! Thanks!

Jerry in Texas said...

I know some farmers that would not appreciate your humor. I think those are pretty good though.

Anonymous said...

this may be the poor farm blog but your sense of humor is very poor too. I love our farmers.

Farm.Dad said...

U aint no kinda farmer , your an evil landord who sucks the vital fluids from honest farmers ( dont ask how , its too graphic for this blog ) . and btw , the only give away hats because they tried undies once and that was just too gross in the parking lot .