Friday, December 19, 2008

I Got Yer Christmas Spirit Right Here

Bah. Yesterday I got a couple urgent messages from my neighbors while fueling the Mighty Corn Binder. It seems a water pipe in my cellar had burst and now said cellar is awash in water and mud - it is a dirt cellar. This sort of thing seems to happen about every two to three years here - the last go round had all new pvc put in the well pit. So, I'm off work sitting at home waiting for my afternoon appointment to get it fixed. Of course, the fact that the original plumbing is close to sixty years old has no bearing on this situation - how many times have those pipes withstood freezing and not broken?

I do have electricity and heat, so it is not as rough as it could be.

And I have no idea what I'd do without my neighbors.

Update!!! A seam in an elbow had given up the ghost, and is now replaced. All is well!!


threecollie said...

Sorry for your misery. Hope it is soon fixed!

Farm.Dad said...

Neighbors are as they do bud . Some of " farm mom and i's neighbors just watered cattle for about a month for us ( an every day or so thing taking an hour or two ) while we had her dad home on hospice ( you can and likely have see some at the daughters blog ) . Good Neighbors are not sprung from the ethernet like obama , they are made over years . I have no dobut that YOUR neighbors are there for the same reasons that ours are .