Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reporting In

I've noticed one thing about blogs - if you want people to read - ya gotta keep updating the dern thing. So, here is your intrepid tubby trucker, reporting in on a fine morning in Belle Fourche, SD on my way to New Town, ND. It's gonna be one of those weeks - several of us are going to be here for a while. It might be a while before I stay where there is internet access again.

So, here is the thought for the day:

Looking at Capitol Hill is like looking at that Escher picture of the wild geese flying together: makes no fu**ing sense and occasionally sh**s on your head.
--Dennis Miller

This, of course, is the picture:

And, this made me laugh:

So, have a great day and week! Cya later.


Sezme said...

Both---very funny! :) Have a good week and safe ride.

ptg said...

I once found myself needing to look in the mirror AND lift my gut up to check the belt.