Sunday, October 28, 2007

Old SNL Skits

RT is filling in for Wyatt this weekend, and she put up a post about William Shatner being snubbed for the new Star Trek movie. In the comments, Mrs. Grim mentioned the Star Trek parodies that SNL did "back when SNL was always funny? (or was I always just on something?)"

So now you know how my brain got us here. Enough links?

Anyways, thanks to satellite television and more channels than I can ever possibly watch, I've actually had the opportunity to watch some of the original SNL episodes. I can tell you a lot of humor has an expiration date. After a while, hearing Francisco Franco is still dead does get old. I think it kinda got old even then. Even with the aid of illicit inhaled substances, which was a sort of tradition on Saturday nights spent in front of the television for some of us.

But, there are shining moments that transcend time and space. There are those skits, played out by humor icons in their early years, that are comic gold. When Chevy Chase was funny, John Belushi was alive, and Elliot Gould was relevant. Like this clip:

SNL: The Final Voyage of the USS Enterprise

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Then there were the famous parody commericals. One never knew when they would come on, so a commercial break might just not really be a commercial break. Kinda put a kink in bathroom breaks, because you just might miss one. This clip is one of the best. It put "Floor Wax AND dessert topping" into our lexicon. All a class clown had to do for a laugh was mention that phrase in an appropriate context, and everyone got it.

I haven't watched the current version of SNL in years, mostly because it has turned preachy and it just isn't funny anymore. They lost me a long time ago.


Sezme said...

It's gotta stink when your Vulcan grip doesn't work anymore.

I remember in science class that my teacher said whipped cream, when water was added, could make a good car wax. Hmmmm...

IHeartQuilting said...

Hey, thanks for posting these. I also remember another Star trek skit, where John Belushi actually did a cartwheel or two, when the 'ship' hit some turbulence. That was great.

And who doesn't remember Jane Curtain and Chevy Chase doing the Weekend Update: "Jane, you ignorant, misguided slut"

LBJ said...

I was in college during those days of SNL and still remember late nights with my roomates Annie and Carol, with a giant bag of Nacho Cheese Doritoes, our school books we were supposed to be working on, and a six pack of diet pepsi, laughing til it hurt watching those.