Friday, October 12, 2007

Even More Wildlife

You know, eet may be possible to be TOO attractive

Yes, here at The Poor Farm, we try to accommodate as much wildlife as we can stand. As I said earlier, I found a rattler when I stepped out to view nature. Tonight, as I walked out the door for the same purpose, I heard a scampering sound. My security light is getting a bit dilatory lately, so I had to wave my hand over the sensor. In the same spot I shot the rattler was a tall, bushy black tail with white trim. I was seeing it from the rear.

I quietly opened the door, stepped inside and gently shut the door.

I've fought a couple battles with these creatures, and while I won, they were Pyrrhic victories. One winter, I had several encounters with one under similar circumstances. Lady, my Golden Retriever, would get upset when the skunk would eat her food. She'd stamp her feet, and he'd just turn around and present arms. He'd continue to eat her food.

He'd do the same with me when I'd go outside and he was there. It seemed he always caught me off guard and I was never armed. I wasn't about to go back in, get a gun, come back out and get sprayed. I was going to have to catch him off guard, and be armed at the same time.

One night, it happened. I heard a bit of commotion outside my front door, so I grabbed a .22 semiauto rifle. I turned the light on and there he was, facing me. He didn't see me, so I stepped out and shot him. He didn't die. As he scrabbled off the porch, I tried for another shot. My pickup, my SUV, my propane tank and even my dog were in the line of fire as he ran to the side of the house. He then used a hole I've since covered up to crawl under the house. At around 2am, he expired. Guess how I knew.

It was below freezing, but I opened all the windows, burned all the scented candles I owned (all of two or three), and used up all the air freshener to no avail. It took about six weeks before the scent was completely gone.

I couldn't even get to where he died - believe me I checked. There is a cellar under the house, but it isn't a full cellar. The foundation has that end of the house partitioned off.

The next skunk was a female. I had determined that I wanted a one shot kill, so I had the large loop '94 carbine loaded with 30-30s ready. One night, I heard something, so I turned on the porch light. Sure enough, she was there. I got on my hands and knees. She was slightly facing away - I didn't want her to see me. I slightly opened the door and stuck the barrel out. Blam! She was dead! Success!

Until I tried to find a shovel. It took maybe three minutes, but when I got back, it looked like thin shaving cream that had sat out for too long had come out her rear end. Plus, there was the smell. After hosing off the porch, using all my dish soap and some laundry soap, the smell only lingered for a couple days.

After Babs came into my life, the skunks were history. She took them on, and wasn't afraid of the smell. Go get 'em Babs, 'cause I don't really feel like fighting them again.


steph said...

I wonder... could you bottle that smell? I have a few loitering types in my neighborhood I'd like to get rid of.

Jeffro said...

I'm sure it's possible, but I'm not willing to try to obtain it!