Saturday, April 05, 2014

Ignorant Fool

Adam Zyglis is the editorial cartoonist for the Buffalo News of Buffalo, NY.

Just so we know who we are dealing with here.

While he is correct that there are guns at Ft. Hood, I just cannot reconcile the fact that they are all locked up in the armory. Since 2007.

Which, when an active shooter starts going nuts at the base, makes all those guns as useless as tits on a boar hog. They might as well be kept several counties over for all the good they will do locked up when they're needed.

But Our Genius here just instinctively knows that there are a ton of guns on a military base, and that they were no deterrent for an active shooter.

I just hope Our Genius didn't strain his brain too much to come up with this.

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Earl said...

Long, long ago, on a military post in Europe as I was studying History, I determined that the hordes of Mongols under any of the Khans would run over modern military in garrison situation, because they never gave up their weapons, they rode armed, raped and looted armed and in general made civilization crumble when they showed up uninvited.

Nothing as changed, except the name.