Friday, April 11, 2014

Uh Oh

Trouble in Paradise. Apparently Daddy has to hide out from an increasingly discordant Mommy. The proof is that Jeffy is accustomed to this and "hidin' from Mommy" is now a family wide behavior. Just think of the fresh comic gold if they separated, or split and divorced! Mommy and Daddy start dating again, but with these little morons along for the ride!

No, no, you won't have to worry abut that, Dolly. The old Motorola Startac flip phones were smarter than you. I'm quite sure this will not change.

The first gay plugger. Things have changed since the seventies - "good buddy" now means homosexual lover and it's a derogatory term. So our canine trucker is either cruising for a bruising, or talking to his significant male other.

In this old Hi and Lois strip we see why there were no more kids after Dot and Ditto.


jed said...

Well, that's somewhat surprising. Not that I listen to CB, so how would I know?

Now I have C. W. McCall going in my head.

Sometimes I think about picking up a CB rig. Never know what you might need in an emergency, though in addition to the GMRS and HAM, seems overkill for me.

And "free"? Yeah, sure. Okay, if you keep it to a moderately priced in-dash type model, and a don't get to crazy on the antenna. But there's no end to the money you can spend on radio equipment, particularly if you get your amateur license.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh... Trixie?

Jeffro said...

Uhhhhh yeah! I forgot all about her!

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