Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Going Back In Time

Sis just had some old pics of family members emailed to her, and she sent them to me. I picked out the ones that had that little extra meaning for moi. They are all from my Mother's side of the family.

My Grandpa Bill (I was four or so when he passed away), Grandma Julia (about sixth grade), one of our great aunts Aunt Pauline (quite the character), my mother's sister who was Aunt Judy to Sis and I (she passed away several years ago), her hubby Pleasant (Kim) - he's my Nunkle Kim who comments on this blog occasionally, and my Mother. This was labeled April 17, 1949.

Mother expressing awe and wonder!

Mother was born in 1929, so this is surely not a graduation picture. I can guarantee you that is her handwriting - I'd recognize that anywhere.

1-24-1948. Pleasant and Judy. I'd say they've been to a wedding, but I have no idea.

Well, anyways, this is a look back at some of my loved ones long before I came along. Hope you enjoyed 'em too!


Earl said...

So nice to be reminded of good folks. Thanks, your mother was beautiful.

Jeffro said...

Thank you, Earl. When us kids were younger, we had no idea. It wasn't until I was considerably older that it became clear that my mother was really quite attractive. She was just Mother or Mama for years.....

SteveK said...

Yes, your mother, my Aunt Mary Jo was certainly beautiful, Jeff! I received these pictures too from our cousin Steve McGinley. Really nice of him to scan the old photos and send us copies. -Cousin Steve