Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moral Equivalence

Jimmie Margulies can bit my arse. Better yet, move to Syria.
Because, Gawd knows, trans fats are morally equal to the freaking poisonous gas Syria used on it's own people. Get it? Our society is morally corrupt for allowing the usage of the killer trans fats. Yep, I bet if you sprayed trans fats on the general populace, it would kill 'em dead right there. Just like poison gas.

And so that also means that our society here in the good ol' US of A is not all that, so the so called American Exceptionalism ain't for real. Just ignore all the positive things our society has managed to do for the world over the past couple hundred years - all the life, labor and quality of living inventions and medical cures, procedures, medicines, managing to feed ourselves and the world cheaply - none of that matters.

Because we have allowed trans fats to be used. Just like Syria's poisonous gas.

Got it?

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CGHill said...

And just try to get a frozen pizza outside Damascus.