Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just Curious.....

Hi everybody!

I've been kinda underground for a while. Remember when the DHS recommended we seal up our houses with duct tape?

I finally got bored and tore it loose. Man, fresh air! Who knew it would be so precious?!?

So, anything happen while I was gone? Surely the DHS, the FBI, the CIA and any other alphabet agencies have rounded up all the bad guys by now?

I'll bet they have, and I'll bet they gave our freedoms they had been infringing upon back. How is our wondrous laissez faire approach to economics, government growth and Constitutional freedoms coming along? I bet the Supreme Court just jumped all over those silly folk trying to cross our Constitution!

Surely people in the big cities and California (but I repeat myself) have come to their senses and don't keep trying to spend more than they can pay. When I sealed things up, it sure looked like a lot of munis were headed for bankruptcy.

What else did I miss?!?

1 comment:

jed said...

Might be all kinda stuff happened, but I bet you didn't miss any of it!