Friday, August 30, 2013

Insurance Companies. Feh.


I'm sure y'all will be shocked to find this commercial pisses me off. What in the wide wide world of sports do I need an insurance company for if they're just gonna watch the thieves run off with all my crap? I could give a rat's ass whether or not they replace it as new or whatever - just don't let it happen in the first place. And our lithe Nationwide reverse cat burglar could easily trap these fools.

At least she's easier on the eyes than the insipid green lizard with the fake British accent.

The "star" of the commerical is Jana Kramer. Okay, she's a lot more than just easy on the eyes, she's flippin' hawt! Looks impressive in black tights, I've noticed.


Jess said...

She'd be impressive in a gunny sack.

Jeffro said...

No doubt!!!

Anonymous said...

men are such fools