Tuesday, June 25, 2013


When you are a died in the wool conservative and you find yourself thinking ol' Ted Rall has a point that the world is basically screwed. Ted has been on Obama's a$$ for some time now, but generally because Teh Won is too far to the right for him.

No matter, I gotta say I like this cartoon. Ted has a point.

Usually, Jeff Danziger gets under my skin.Today, it's Matt Davies. Yeah, buttwipe, farmers are totally comparable to the welfare recipients who haven't worked a freaking day in their lives, and demand that we support them. Yep, every farmer I know sits on his/her a$$ all day and just waits for that sweet government check to show up in the mail, just like the inner city Democrat voters who find time to pick up their mail while squirting out more valuable dependents. I know I sucked hard on that government tit my own self, and look how rich I am! It wasn't enough to pay property taxes - whee, what big money that was! Of course we don't even want to mention that the farm bill is 80% food stamps. Blame it all on the rich, lazy farmer, asshole! Ha ha ha ha, isn't that funny?!? LMAO!

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Jess said...

They call it a farm bill, with the hope they can load it up with pork. I doubt there's any aid for the farmers, except they're allowed to sell the produce at ridiculously low prices so the masses on food stamps can have chips to go with their 44 oz beverages.