Sunday, June 16, 2013

Y'all Know How I Like Things Simple

So, this series of pictures seems simple enough to me.

Of course Prism would never be abused. The NSA is not like those mouth breathers over at the TSA, enjoying their free looks at wimmin using backscatter machines. Oh, wait, the preverts have supposedly removed all those machines. Guess invading our privacy even more didn't work there.

I'm sure this program, besides violating the Constitution, will never be abused at all. With all the safeguards in place, at any rate. Oh wait - it's all secret and we have no idea whom or what is looking out for abuses! But I'm sure it will all work out, we can trust our government to do the right thing by us.

And lest we forget, it's not just the lack of public oversight that is a problem.

What it all boils down to. Why does our government fear us so much, when there is so much beyond our borders to fret over?

Now is usually the time where we all discuss the "reset" button - because I'm truly doubtful that the ballot box will make any difference. Our Congress seems to be in favor of all this - they claim it's legal and they've been briefed. No matter if we the people are being violated. It's legal.

But it is WRONG, and if they had any moral compass at all, they'd be ducking their heads in shame. And replacing these sleazeballs isn't going to change anything, because they have lost control over the bureaucracies that are running this country willy nilly - it's not just the FBI, the NSA, the CIA - it's also the IRS, the TSA,  the DHS and hell, even any of the other cabinet level .orgs that are out there arming themselves.

My problem is that I'm pretty well invested in the idea that the machinery still runs - particularly that Wal-Mart still gets shipments of medicine I need to live and that my currency still works there.

Selfish? Yes. I do not want to die because meds weren't available during a "disruption." If I gotta die, I'd rather it be something more constructive, but I'm too old, fat, and horribly out of shape to do any soldiering.

If that is what it does come down to - well, I hope like hell y'all are successful. I'm just looking at my reality, and it is coming up pretty short.

H/T Nunkle Kim


drjim said...

Well put, Jeff!

We started own this path years ago, and only now are some of the sheeple waking up.

I prat yo God it's not too late....

Anonymous said...

That's how tyranny wins; everyone holds on to their walmart meds and grumble to themselves.

Jeffro said...

So, have you got your guns loaded and ready to "go," Tatyana? ;)

Anonymous said...

If you give me one and teach how to use it - I'll not hesitate.

Jeffro said...

Heh. I'd love to do that, but your nanny mayor has seen fit to spank that idea. I'd more than likely end up in the gray bar hotel should I bring a weapon into NYC.

Now, if you come on out here to free country, where the rednecks howl at the moon, why I'd be more than happy to teach to how to run any gun I have or all of them!!!!

lisa said...

You sure know how to put things! I am with you!