Sunday, November 04, 2012

We Live In Interesting Times

Yes, we are all going to breathe a sigh of relief after Tuesday. We're certainly hoping from relief from the incessant hatred in the ads on tv, the papers full of vitriol, and even the exasperation of dealing with stupid friends who just aren't as politically smart as we so obviously are. Yes, it will all be over, Thank God, and we can get back to our lives and be left alone.

Not so fast, buffalo breath - as Johnny was wont to say to Ed back in the day.


What makes you think there aren't legions of lawyers all lined up in critical districts, ready to contest election results if they don't go the way they want? Just for a minute, think on how preparations have been made to find sympathetic judges, crooked clerks and whatever kind of advantages a party might want or need to further their agenda?

Because no one ever loses in this country anymore - we're all winners, don't you know.


drjim said...

I just pray that Romney wins by such a huge margin that the democRATS can't possibly contest the election.

The Local Malcontent said...

Your last line is chilling, Jeffro- and I've no doubt that lawsuits ensue if the count is close in any swing state.
And isn't "living in interesting times" really a curse? Hope not in our case tomorrow.
But yes, it will be wonderful when it's over; I look so forward to the truce; & retirement.