Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Woke up in the middle of the night and found out the news, and was unable to sleep for a while. When I got up, the idea that I was in Iowa, where the Obama won, had me looking sideways at all the people I encountered. Of course, since I mostly ran into ag related folk, that was unfair, because they didn't vote thataway.

I really don't know what is in our future. Any chance our country might not go down the road to European socialism went right out the window last night, I'm thinking. It was probably preordained already - Romney and his ilk would have taken longer. We'll just keep fading away, giving away our defenses, our leadership roles in the world, our world standing, our economy, our rights, our money and ad infinitum.

The coverup of the Benghazi attack won't be prosecuted. Fast and Furious will go away. Obama will give our defenses away to the Russians, since that was something he promised them he'd do if he won last nite. That would be one promise of his I'd bet he'll keep. He'll keep bypassing Congress violating the Constitution with more executive orders, more czars and more bureaucracy. There will be no budget - why would he want to be restrained by such a simple concept when he's borrowing and printing money as fast as he can?

Yes, we'll all be spending our way to prosperity, with free health care until some board decides they've spent enough on us, or you can walk with crutches rather than get that knee operation. We'll have more and more people on the dole, because they just don't want to work, or just can't find jobs, or get tired of giving all to the government anyway. Anyone with any money will be classified and rich, and if they want to keep some of it, will have to move or hide it in some way - and they'll have the loopholes for the chosen few. The rest of us? Not so much. No businesses are going to invest in a future as bleak as the one coming - they're already backing off now - except for those who get government largess.

Good bye, United States of America, Land of the Free. Nice knowing you.

 The American Republic will endure until the day
Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the
public's money. 
Alexis de Tocqueville


Jeffro said...

Gun rights, the Supreme Court - all kinds of issues I didn't cover. Not very happy.

threecollie said...

Half of America is in mourning, the other half is fiddling while she burns.

drjim said...

It's gonna take 100 years and another Civil War to get out of this mess...

Anonymous said...

I can't begin telling you what i feel. My state of mind* after the results were in already cost me dearly, personally; from this point on I can foresee only bad and worse things in the future - for me and for the country.

*I can summarize it as a general attitude "ah, f$ck it all, no compromise with bullies".

PS. I guess you should change the day/hr count on your widget, my friend. Fill in any number expletives coming from my tender lips.

Bob's Blog said...

Linked to you here:

and thanks one more time for your help!

Richard Stubbs said...

It's like being hamstrung. I suppose I should be trying to consolidate my stuff and getting ready to take this head on, but have been walking around in a daze forever it seems. Once there was the win then unexpected people came out of the woodwork all happy and in my face, some of them people I'd been close to. Maybe it's me, maybe I just don't understand people? My poor kid has to endure this longer. Sigh. Well, better get moving, doing something.